STARY Electric Board

One More Thin.


5.2 kg


16.5 mm


18.6 mph


This is the first innovative masterpiece from STARY Team: an E-board featuring in-wheel power system and embedded battery, a beast that can conquer any kind of road, a commuting device. It is something more than a tool. It is about fun and sharing. Order now to experience the cutting-edge technology and the new lifestyle.


no_fuelNO FUEL
no_traffic_jamNO TRAFFICJAM

One Minute
Get a New Skill

Smooth break makes a more enjoyable ride

Induction Switch
Remote Control
Intelligent Sleep Mode
Stable Communication Based on 2.4Ghz
Three Speed Modes
Ergonomic Design

Steadily Brake Control

Rider’s safety is always our top priority. Through numerous calculation and experiments,
our engineers finally figure out the most rider-friendly brake curve to realize a steady stop.

Grab and Go

STARY is the lightest electric vehicle in the world: weighing only 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg). We develop an unibody deck with a combination of fiber glass, Canadian maple and carbon fiber. The in-wheel motor with gear box makes it both powerful and safe. STARY is designed to let those who has never skated ever before learn how to ride it within one minute.



Highly Customized Board Motor

To reach 18.6 mph with more than 90kg load, we said ‘no’ to all the existing motor design, recalculated the coil each magnetic pole needs and coordinated sophisticated deceleration planetary gear set with the motor.

Sophisticatedly Manufactured Hub Sets

After carbon steel standard heat treatment, the planetary gears produce great torque output to realize ascending from a static state. STARY can easily handle road conditions such as deceleration strips or hills while keep speed. We pay attention to every single detail in producing: temperature of materials, choice of lubricating grease to ensure accuracy and precision.


Composite Deck with Carbon Fiber

Different from traditional wooden deck, the deck of STARY Board employs high-tech Canadian maple: Compound weaved carbon fiber works with epitoke as reinforced layer; special cavity made by thermo-compression bonding of maple&bamboo vapor; Car standard matte black coating edge.

Free Ride 180mm Reverse Kingpin Trucks

Die-cast aluminum painted truck in assist of SHR-90A Black shock absorber:easy carving, amazing rebound, smooth riding and amazing steadiness at high speed. Precisely chamfered wheels offer bigger contact patch; 80A hardness provides high rebound and strong grip on blacktop.


Meticulous Sensor & Ride Data

STARY employs 32 bit 72 MHz high-frequency motion processor. Sensitive sensors continuously recording riding data. Power management and supervision components effectively avoid overcharge/over-discharge/overheat to prolong battery life by over 60%. Dynamic Traction-control system automatically adjusts power output when load increases or climbing slopes and effectively contains motor rev when sliding to avoid dangers.



Remote with Regenerative Braking

STARY has its own unique remote. Camera Drone standard Thumbwheel with super wide range helps with accurate accelerate&brake control. High-resolution power-saving Organic Light Emitting Display OLED: all statistics absolutely clear on screen.

Team Spirit

Every member on STARY team has been long sticking to the respect of engineering knowledge and took years to improve skills. We solely believe that technology has the power to change the influences of products on the mass and prove the point with a practical innovation.

When I was 16 years old I had only one prized possession, my skateboard.