Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Stary has 3 different gears:
The first gear has a speed less than 15 km\h (9.3mph). This is easy to control and perfect for youngsters and starter.

With the second gear you can reach a speed of about 22 km\h (13.6mph). We think that this satisfies most of our fans and is also safe to ride.

The third gear reaches a speed between 30 km\h (18.6mph), but it depends on the weight of the rider and the road condition.

You can use this gear to have enough power to go uphill. But we are also worrying about your safety, so please be careful and always wear your safety equipment!

  1. Charging: The tests showed that the board needs about 2 hours to be recharged from empty to full. But it is like your car, you don’t refuel it everytime. Under this condition you will need less than 2 hours until you can use it again.
  2. Battery life: You can recharge it up to 500 full charges (a full charge refers to the battery consumption from completely empty to completely full state). After these 500 times the battery will still work well, only that its charging capicity drops down to 70-75%.

In a static state our board can handle a weight up to 200 kg (400lbs), if you load more on it, it may break. In a running state it has a maximum load of 90 kg (198lbs). We tested to carry three men and we were still able to travel safely. But since it exceeded the weight limit, there were problems going uphill or reaching the top speed.


The longest distance you can ride per full charge, under the conditions of a 90kg (198lbs) body weight, a flat cement pavement and with full power, is 15 Km (9.3mile). But the distance depends on your riding style, your weight and your riding conditions, so that the distance can be higher or lower.


You can ride on cement, asphalt or other concrete road surfaces. But the electric board is designed for a smooth ride on a dry surface, so avoid wet or muddy roads in order to avoid damage to the board.

Under a good concrete surface our board can easily overcome a 20 degree slope ( this also depends on the weight of the rider). The best way of going uphill is carving across the road, which reduces the difficulty and increases the fun.


If you don’t use the board, keep the battery full and store it in a dry place. Make sure, that you recharge the battery every few months, because every battery discharges itself a little. This is important if you want to extend the battery’s life. You don’t need to worry about overcharging the battery, because the charger will automatically power off after completing the charge.

Keep in mind, that the wireless remote controller also needs a charge once in a while, other-wise it will weaken the power and affect proper usage.